About Our Initiative

Publication ethics is a crucial part of scholars’ efforts to pursue their scholarly practices in accordance with fundamental principles of research integrity. This initiative seeks to foster greater awareness among humanities scholars and editors about ethical issues in publishing, with a focus on the discipline of philosophy. In undertaking this project, we in no way mean to imply that scholars in philosophy and the humanities are not already invested in research integrity. Rather, this project acknowledges that research and publication ethics in the humanities are in many ways and for good reasons complex matters and that, unlike in the sciences, there have not been broad efforts in the humanities to make existing expectations and practices explicit and to develop shared best practices across various subfields and disciplines.

To pursue the question of publication ethics in line with the wide variety of efforts of the American Philosophical Association, a project team engaged in diversity and scholarly communication issues has come together to convene focus groups and other opportunities for conversation for those interested in these questions. Funded by a grant from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, we will at the end of the process be producing a white paper that will provide insight into the current status of publication ethics in philosophy and that will seek to offer a starting point for a collective discussion within the philosophical community about what core values and practices might be shared and/or are in need of development.

We welcome you to participate in this conversation. You may do so anonymously by using our comments form or can send us an e-mail with your thoughts.